Cambridge Riffs

A list of tracks on the CD

1. Let It Roll

(Mike Boursnell) Mystery Train 2009

There are always problems and pain in life, but as soon as you strap on that guitar and play, you can blast them into the shadows for an evening.

2. The Girl Called Moonlight

(Mike Boursnell) Mystery Train 2009

A song about a girl seen by Mike dancing at a Blowzabella gig. She just floated over the floor. Amazing!

3. Hole In My Head

(Malcolm Guite) Mystery Train 2009

It's difficult to get Malcolm to sing this song, as it's quite bleak. We all need to be alone occasionally though...

4. Broken Heart

(Rob Groves) Mystery Train 2009

A sad song from Rob, and very heartfelt.

5. Weary Way Blues

(Malcolm Guite/Rob Groves) Mystery Train 2009

We wanted to put a blues on the album, so Malcolm magicked up some words in the studio and Rob put out this fantastic first take performance. The two guitars are Rob (right channel) and Pete (left channel).

6. The Day I First Met You

(Peter Laing) Mystery Train 2009

Peter often performs these songs alone with an acoustic guitar. We tried to give him some backing from the band on this take. Very honest. Very romantic!

7. I Love Your Sister

(Mike Boursnell) Mystery Train 2009

Which sister does he love for heaven's sake? Very difficult to decide as one of the names and almost all of the facts have been changed...

8. Jose's Gold

(Malcolm Guite) Mystery Train 2009

I think Malcolm wrote this in a song-writing workshop, as an example of a cowboy song. This was a first take and the first time we've played it as a band. That's Rob laughing at the end...

9. The Man Who Knew Too Much

(Peter Laing) Mystery Train 2009

A modern dilemma...

10. To See You Again

(Rob Groves) Mystery Train 2009

This track just features Rob on guitar and vocals, Bob on drums, and Oli on the sax. Wonderful!

11. Wolves

(Mike Boursnell) Mystery Train 2009

This was Mike's first response to Malcolm's request for us to write songs for the band. It used to go in 3/4, but we don't play ANYTHING in 3/4 so we turned it into a Dylanesque 12-bar.

12. Take A Train To Sing The Blues

(Malcolm Guite) Mystery Train 2009

Malcolm wrote this a while ago, and it used to be in a minor key, but then he changed the chords and it really started rocking. Check out Rob's guitar solo that sounds like a train whistle.

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